Food and Cookery

As we enter the Summer Term, it is always great to reflect on how much has been achieved and to see how far pupils have come.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job as a Food teacher is looking at the skills that pupils have gained throughout the year and comparing their practical outcomes.

Whether it is a Year 7 who needed to be shown how to hold a knife correctly in order to cut fruit who has now successful cooked kofte kebabs and cous cous salad, or a Year 11 who can now select ingredients in order to make their own product from an adapted recipe, it is always great to see how much has been achieved in such a short space of time.

Of course, Food Technology is not just about learning to cook. We also teach pupils about Healthy Eating, portion control, costing, alternative ingredients and so much more! Food lessons provide pupils with a wide range of key skills such as organisation, time keeping, team work, sequencing, weighing and measuring, basic calculations and many more.

Providing ingredients for the pupils at a minimal cost to parents/carers has definitely been the way forward…..allowing us to use a much wider range of ingredients to produce a variety of different dishes.  In just Year 7 and 8, pupils will learn to cook stir fry, chicken goujons, spaghetti bolognaise, kofta kebabs and cous cous, poached eggs, chicken kebabs, chicken curry and rice, meatballs and potato wedges and even quiche! Although we do occasionally cook sweet products such as rock cakes, raspberry buns, lemon drizzle cake and apples muffins, these lessons are few and far between as we aim to provide pupils with a wider range of practical dishes that might be useful to them later on in life!

All our practical work is photographed and shared with pupils via Google Drive. We also actively encourage pupils to take their own pictures of their outcomes, as feedback from parents evenings tells us that the food cooked rarely makes it home! Recipes are readily available should pupils request them, but we are hoping to have them available online for September 2018.




Giles Coren and Henry Dimbleby visit us!

Amazing day yesterday as Giles Coren ( renowned food critic) and Henry Dimbleby (chef, appointed by Michael Gove to review school dinners) came to visit the school….. They even stayed for lunch!
According to their Tweets, the crumble they ate for pudding was better than Gordon Ramseys!!! Feedback was really positive, they loved the school, really liked the boys and thought that the facilities were fantastic……